new look bomber jacket, camel turtleneck from ralph lauren, next jeans and carrera champion sunglasses

this week has been a shopping week. i have a new biker jacket, white blazer, alexander wang tee and an alexander wang hoodie on route to the jenkin household as we speak. i've never owned any wang before, i don't do designer clothing that much, but i hope this is all about to change. i also bought this camel ralph lauren jumper from FW(softest thing in the world, worth every penny), and these carrera sunglasses, which can be seen on Lady Gaga in the bad romance video, only i have them in tortoise shell. i'm really growing my sunglasses collection, i'm excited for all my summer outfit posts just thinking about it. i've decided to have a bit more fun in my photos, so these are my attempt to have fun. i hope you like them. i'm off to watch 17 again because my tv has broken so its only movies for me, and then sleeps because i have to work. on a saturday. jesus. 

ps also had a colour test this week. i'm going to be light and blonde by this summer baby ;) stay tuned.

pps check out me ebay store here, ill be selling all my old sheeet and maybe some vintage from my mum's closet once shes sorted it

ppps i also lost all my bloglovin followers as my url changed, please follow me again :)


  1. OH my days. Selling old vintage from your mums wardrobe?! No joke, but that sounds like a dream to me...
    You must tell me when! Haha

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my post :) And thank you for saying that you're following me - although it doesn't say that you are!? :( Ha!


  2. Loooove the jacket!! (:


  3. That jacket is hot!