alexander mcqueen skull scarf
orange jumper from calvin klein
turquoise tshirt from topman
cross necklace from asos
designer name tshirt from kid dangerous

i'm truly embracing bright neons in spring. this calvin klein jumper is amazing, it doesn't photograph as well as it should. and this tshirt is just an inside joke for fashion peeps, do you not think?



parka coat from matalan

i found this parka jacket in the cupboard under our stairs, from about 6 years ago. so warm and cosy. its become one of my favorite coats. fo' sho. also, my beautiful alexander mcqueen scarf arrived yesterday. it was raining so hard so i didn't wear it today. but its already hanging up for tomorrow. i can not wait.


pocketful of dreams

leather jacket and boots from topman
jeans from next
t-shirt from h&m

yesterday i was cutting out pages from magazines for the walls in my walk-in, and i realised they were all featuring either freja beha or the utility trend, or both on one occasion. so today i felt i'd embrace it. i had such a desire to wear these jeans asap, i haven't worn them in monthss but something just called out to me, so here you go. i've attempted to photoshop around my legs as you may see, as the pockets on the thighs do not photograph as well as i'd like. shame. also this leather jacket is amazing, just throw that out there.



i just thought i'd give you guys a quick photo tour of my new walk in wardrobe. it houses 25 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of sunglasses, 5 bags, 12 belts and countless clothes.

can you believe someone STOLE it

jeans&cardigan from primark
belt&jacket from h&m
tee&scarf from topman

i wore this outfit the other day when i went to see the kings speech (amazing), and grab some japanese food. it was soo comfy, although not overly fashionable. in the end someone actually took this cardigan with them from the cinema, which is a shame seeing as it too me so long to find out i really liked and they don't sell it anymore. needless to say i was not a happy bunny. but on a happier note my walk in wardrobe was finished today, so expect a photo tour uploaded tonight, as well as loads more added to my ebay store. i'm off to tidy the house, play in my wardrobe, and finally do some designs for my soon-to-be-real t-shirt line. adios.


i fell in love with a dream(er)

grey hoodie from alexander wang

so this week has been my first week back at college (finally). for those who don't know i study business, and my days are 9-5 and 9-3, so i tend to need to be comfy. this is why i am in love with this alexander wang creation of an oversized hoodie. i was pining for ages, and finally i got my hands on it. its beautiful and so so soft. i am in love with it, officially. i went to see the kings speech tonight, with colin firth and helen bonham carter. if people haven't seen it you shuld defiantly go. the whole film deserves every award out there. i already have my outfit pictures for tomorrow, this is the most orginised i've ever blogged before. i like it.


this weeks musthaves:

alexander mcqueen skull scarf; i've tried to stop myself going for skulls and crosses and leather. but its never going to happen, so i better embrace it. and this scarf is perfecttttt.

alexander wang sunglasses; i don't know why i don't own these. i love sunglasses and i love alexander wang. they were right under my nose the whole time.

christian louboutin shoes; god i love these shoes. they're hi-tops and theyre studded. 'nuf said.

this weeks resolution(this is my new thing i'm doing, exciting i know); to take pictures of my outfit, if not to blog, just to keep track of different outfits.


fill my head with whatifs/whys

geek glasses form river island, black tee from t by alexander wang, sleeveless hoodie from h&m, bleached jeans from new look and biker boots from topman

this look was just thrown on, half an hour before my friend arrived to go out for coffee. i was dying to wear my new alexander wang tee and biker boots, so i just went simple. my closet is now reinvented. i've bought everything i need, so no more shopping for me, lets see what i can do with the contents


tattoos are one of those things I think everyone has an opinion on, some people love them, some people suit them, some people say they can mean everything. others despise them and some want to erase theirs.
i'm currently thinking of getting one in the near future. either "pokoj+milosc" on the inside of my foot, which means peace+love in polish. there are some accents and the letter are slightly different but thats the jist. i'm 1/4 polish and i never met my polish grandfather so i think its fitting. i'm also looking to get a very small version of megan fox's wrist tattoo on my wrist. i love this symbol and the ocean, so i think it would be just right.
what are your guys opinions on tattoos?



new look bomber jacket, camel turtleneck from ralph lauren, next jeans and carrera champion sunglasses

this week has been a shopping week. i have a new biker jacket, white blazer, alexander wang tee and an alexander wang hoodie on route to the jenkin household as we speak. i've never owned any wang before, i don't do designer clothing that much, but i hope this is all about to change. i also bought this camel ralph lauren jumper from FW(softest thing in the world, worth every penny), and these carrera sunglasses, which can be seen on Lady Gaga in the bad romance video, only i have them in tortoise shell. i'm really growing my sunglasses collection, i'm excited for all my summer outfit posts just thinking about it. i've decided to have a bit more fun in my photos, so these are my attempt to have fun. i hope you like them. i'm off to watch 17 again because my tv has broken so its only movies for me, and then sleeps because i have to work. on a saturday. jesus. 

ps also had a colour test this week. i'm going to be light and blonde by this summer baby ;) stay tuned.

pps check out me ebay store here, ill be selling all my old sheeet and maybe some vintage from my mum's closet once shes sorted it

ppps i also lost all my bloglovin followers as my url changed, please follow me again :)


i tried to be chic, for a day.

blazer from new look

i got this blazer back in september and i think i've worn it about 3 time. it had horrid white cheap plastic buttons on it, but i finally got round to buying some gold ones yesterday and sewed them on. i think it makes the blazer look so much more expensive than the £15 i payed for it off a sale rack. i'd also like to apologise for how messy my room is, i'm currently building a walk in wardrobe as this room is too small, when its done you can have a tour. 
today has been a day of shop shop shopping, i picked up a ralph lauren camel jumper, some carrera sunglasses i've been pining for, and a nike track jacket. i'm going to be photographing them over the next few days for you guys to see :)



jacket+tee from topman, jeans from new look, boots from river island

so today i tried to copy burberry and play around with my editing software. i know the first photo may look weird but i like it in a messed up way. its not what you'd normally see i suppose. ever since i saw the burberry ads this week i've been obsessed with wearing a trench coat, and going to the beach. although it is way too cold for the latter wearing a trench coat seemed feasible. so i did it.